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Study: Men Get Attached Easily

Do men get attached more easily than women? And if so, does that represent a sea change in gender behaviors? The researchers behind a survey from an online dating site seem to think that might be the case.

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Gossipers lose trust and respect of all, Finds Study

Researchers at the University of Baltimore in the US asked women to think of people they knew who did and did not indulge in “informal communication” and rate them. It was found that gossipers are seen as weak people who … Read More…

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86% Women Want a Sensitive Man, Claims Study

While there may be someone out there who’s perfect for you, we all know the ‘Perfect’ person simply doesn’t exist. Still, researchers wanted to know what qualities women want in men, and their results reveal ‘The Perfect Man.’

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Survey: Happy Marriage Makes You Look Younger

According to Danish researchers, a happy marriage and plenty of money can take years off a person’s appearance. The study, conducted by the University of Southern Denmark, found that a married woman with a high social status, who has not … Read More…

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Survey: What Single Men and Women Want?

What do men want in a woman? What do women want in a man? A recent survey by MarketTools Inc. for an online dating site offers some answers. The survey asked 5,500 single men and women 21 and older what … Read More…

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Men Lie Six Times a Day, Study Finds

Researchers have found that men lie six times a day on an average to their partner, boss and colleagues, but women come out with just three. The study of 2,000 Britons also revealed that the most common lie told by … Read More…

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