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Women are Attracted to Men Resembling Their Fathers

Research out of England and Poland, in a joint study, suggest that women who had a good relationship with their fathers growing up, are more likely to get attracted to a man with similar traits and features.

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Women Turn ‘Old’ at 28, Finds Survey

Forget being over the hill at 40 – you’re now officially ‘old’ at just 28, a new survey has found. Almost half of all respondents to the survey said 28 was the age they considered to be when they stop … Read More…

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60.37% Indian Women Want to See Salman Married

Shaadi.com recently conducted a poll amongst its members on which Indian celebrity would make ‘The Perfect Partner’ for Salman ‘Dabangg’ Khan. Out of the 21,000 responses, 69.84% respondents believed that Katrina Kaif would make an ideal wife for Salman.

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Survey: 56% Indians Prefer a Desi Honeymoon

With large number of marriages being solemnized every month, Shaadi.com, The World’s Largest Matrimonial Service conducted a quick survey amongst its members to find out about their ideal honeymoon destination.

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Survey: Women Talk to Dogs More Than Their Partner

He doesn’t talk back. He doesn’t interrupt. And he’s always up for a cuddle. Your dog is clearly an attentive partner, certainly beating out the cat (who either falls asleep or walks away) and the goldfish (who keeps giving you … Read More…

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Study: Most Parents Prefer Just One Child

For parents-to-be, no time to perform parental duties is a concern, according to a recent survey conducted across eight Indian cities. Of the 80 expectant couples surveyed in Mumbai, 49% said they worried about being unable to spend enough time … Read More…

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