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Ask an Expert: Have a Query?

Dr Prakriti Poddar, Counsellor  A renowned clinical hypnotherapist, management consultant and counselor, Dr Prakriti Poddar specialises in Pre-Marital and Couple Counseling. Send your queries related to relationships issues, confidence building, getting rid of past baggage, family management, body language and … Read More…

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Survey: Marriage is the Best Stress Buster

‘Forget massages, hot baths and soothing music – the key to beating stress is as simple as a happy marriage’, claims a study.

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5 Things to Discuss With Your Partner on a Date

Never been on a date before? Don’t know what to talk about on your first date? If you have no answers to these questions, don’t you worry, here are some tips to keep in mind to impress your prospective spouse…

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