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5 Things Women Wish Men Knew

Every woman wants a man who’s honest, committed, loving, understanding, etc but that’s not it! There’s a lot more that every woman wishes her partner knew. That includes…


In Love With a Vegetarian?

It’s not easy dating a vegetarian, we understand! It becomes all the more difficult when you plan to go out for dinner. Some vegetarian partners wouldn’t like you calling for non-veg food, while some are comfortable as long as you’re not forcing them to eat.


Everyone’s Getting Married and This is What I’m Thinking…

It’s the wedding season and that time of the year when you’re bombarded with wedding invitations. In fact, if you’re still single, the first thought that comes to your mind is, “Another wedding? Why the hell is everyone around me suddenly getting married?” Well, this is not it! Here are 5 more thoughts that single …


5 Things Women Should Never Be Sorry For

It’s high time women start living their life on their own terms and conditions, instead of going against their wish and doing things to please others. The question is: Does that make YOU happy? If not, why do it?

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5 Ways to Spend Time With Your Partner on Karva Chauth

If you’re fasting this Karva Chauth and plan to stay back home on this day, we must say, that’s a great idea! But the question is, what do you do sitting at home all day? Only watching TV can get pretty boring. So, here are some ideas on how to spend time together as a …

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5 Tips For Men Fasting This Karva Chauth

It’s good to see more men supporting #FastForHer and willing to stay hungry for their wives. Women have been doing it all these years, it’s now time for men to fast for their wives long lives. So, for all you men fasting this Oct 30, here are some tips to make your Karva Chauth a less challenging day…