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5 Successful Relationship Tips

It’s not diamonds and flowers or other expensive gifts that improves bonding between the couple. It’s the little things. We list down 5 things that will deepen the bond and make your relationship successful…

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5 Things People Want in Their Partners

The first date is an important meeting, which decides whether the person is a good match for you or not. To make your date a success, you need to know what do people actually notice when they see their partner … Read More…

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Ready For a Green Wedding?

Eco-consciousness is on the rise. People are trying to do their best for the environment by using eco-friendly products and by doing everything possible to live healthy, but how about a green wedding? Have you ever thought of that? If … Read More…

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Make Your First Date A Success – Dos and Don’ts

Are you planning to meet your prospective partner sometime soon? Here’s how you can make it a success. Check out the must dos and don’ts for meeting a prospective partner.

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Shaadi.com Voted The Best Matrimonial Website

Shaadi.com adds another feather to its hat, as the website has been voted the Best Matrimonial Website in the 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards by About.com and the New York Times Company. The About Group is part of the New York … Read More…

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Happily Married: Rasna and Deepak

I would like to thank the Shaadi.com team in helping me find my soulmate. If it wasn’t through this website I probably wouldn’t have found her. I contacted Rasna on February 24, 2001 through Shaadi.com. It was her profile that … Read More…

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