Tamil New Year: Happy Puthandu

The first day of the Tamil calendar begins early as members of the household perform ‘Kanni’. In this ritual, auspicious items such as betel leaves, jewellery, fruits, flowers and vegetables are put together and watched. This is said to bring good luck to the family. Some people also get their house painted to start the year on a fresh note.

People place a kuthuvillakku (lamp) in the centre of the kolam (rangoli) at the entrance to illuminate and brighten the New Year. A special dish prepared on this day is the ‘Maanga Pachadi’ that is made of raw mango, jaggery and neem. Exchanging gifts is also a common practice, especially for children who receive gifts in the form of cash from elders.

May you find your life partner this New Year. Happy Puthandu!

Quick Facts» Puthandu is also popularly known as Varusha Pirappu
» This day is a public holiday in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka
» Homes are decorated with fresh mango leaves to symbolize prosperity

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