The 5 Best Things About Getting Married

A lot of people feel scared with the very thought of getting married. That’s because they always think of the negative side, but if you think positive there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t believe us? Read our pointers on the 5 best things about getting married…

1. Increased Self-awareness and Personal Growth
You can learn a lot about yourself when you’re in the process of discovering what it’s really like to live with someone else. Sure, you may have had a roomie at college (and found that tough) but you’re now rooming in with a-new-but-hopefully-lifelong-buddy. Yes, there’s a whole of adjustment, but the nice thing is that eventually there’s a lot of growing up all around – and growing up can be a very nice thing when it means increased self-awareness, and increased tolerance levels.

2. The Unconditional Support
Sure, you’re still a bit of a jackass sometimes. You make mistakes, you do stupid things. But there’s a unique type of unconditional love and support that comes with this relationship. It’s not something that you should take for granted – it’s not something you should come to overly rely on. But it’s definitely something that is very, very nice. Someone rooting for you in every match you play in the game of life. That’s a good feeling. That’s special!

3. That Connection
It’s not necessary to have everything in common. Heck, I actually have hardly anything in common with my husband. But sometimes, just sometimes, there are these moments when we’ll find the exact same thing funny, notice the same strange expression on someone’s face, love the same movie, and thoroughly enjoy the same book. In those moments, there’s a connection. And it’s nice to be able to just know there are some things that you can rely on your spouse to just get. And if we’re lucky, this happens more and more with time, rather than less.

4. The Happy Division of Roles
There’s a certain freedom involved in being single, but there’s also another quality of freedom involved in being part of a twosome – this can come through a division of roles resulting in overall increased happiness and opportunity. And this doesn’t have to be the stereotypical gender-based division, either (although if it works for you, why the heck not!). In our case, my husband took a whole year off from work two years ago, while I continued to bring in the bread with my job. And now I’m on a sabbatical, exploring more of life and our kids, while he plods off to his corporate job each day. It works well, and it’s nice.

5. The New Others
Sure, there can be some pain involved in adjusting to a new family. But on the plus side – you’re actually gaining new members of a family. Outside of giving birth to several people yourself, how else do you achieve such a feat? At some point, if you’re lucky enough, you discover you’ve gained a whole new set of people to love – who again bring that particular type of unconditional support to your life.

– Contributed by Yashodhara Lal

(Yashodhara Lal is a graduate from IIM-Bangalore, with over a decade of marketing experience. She is also the author of the new book ‘Just Married, Please Excuse’. You can read sample chapters from the book on To visit her blog click here and you can find her on twitter too – @yashodharalal)

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