The Chemistry Sparked: Tejas and Falguni

I live in Australia and was looking for my match, so I registered on I did like a few girls but it didn’t somehow work out. Finally, after 4 years I came across Falguni’s profile and luckily, she accepted my request. After a few online chats, emails and telephonic conversations, I felt a strong connection between us. Surprisingly, in less than 15 days I realized that she’s the one for me and I proposed to her. She liked me too but she was not sure if her family would agree. She later did accept my proposal and we continued talking on the phone for a couple of months. We had never met in person until I came to India to meet her. We then told our parents about us and they were happy with our choice. We got married on 20 November, 2011.

Thank you for helping us get together!

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2 Responses to The Chemistry Sparked: Tejas and Falguni

  1. ayesha pramani says:

    I too was a member and I’m now engaged to Gyan Punjabi. We’ll tie the knot on July 26 in Bangalore. Thank you!

    • Rivaldo says:

      Excellent articles. My friends and me, we actually visit your blog regularly. Appreciate your work! Best wishes!

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