It’s International Girl Child Day!

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated on 11 October every year, a day designated by the United Nations for promoting the rights of girls, and addressing the unique challenges they face.

The International Day of the Girl Child gives people and organizations the opportunity to raise public awareness of the different types of discrimination and abuse that many girls around the world suffer from. On this day, many community and political leaders talk to people about the importance of girls’ right to equal education and their fundamental freedom.

Various events are held to showcase the work that people are doing to empower girls through active support and engagement with parents, families, and the wider community. Let’s all join hands in the fight to Save the Girl Child!

Quick Facts» On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child.
» The first ever Day of the Girl Child in 2011 focused on child marriage.
» This day is celebrated to address the challenges women face.

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