The Right Knot: Sonia and Vipin

Celebrating togetherness

It was truly ‘luck by chance’ that I came across Sonia’s profile on I expressed interest in her profile and quickly sent her a mail. The reaction was quite unexpected. She replied back saying she wouldn’t be interested to go forward and that’s when I was all the more interested in getting to know her. E-mails led to chats and then mobile messages and finally we met.

For me, it was love at first sight. I soon proposed to her and then she finally said yes. Over the next few months we gradually got to know each other and then got our parents involved. Soon our relationship was formalised and we got engaged. After a courtship lasting over a year, we solemnised our relationship in the midst of all our loved ones on November 22, 2007.

Thanks to for helping me find my soulmate.

- Contributed by Vipin

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3 Responses to The Right Knot: Sonia and Vipin

  1. Pamit Anand says:

    Know this couple, personally… very sweet and warm , settled in Dubai.
    Felt good reading this article on ShaadiLive.


  2. jimmy says:

    both the couples are very cute.may god bless him and they will always happy in there life my best wishes with you.

  3. A.A.H says:

    nice couple…………

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