The Right Match: Yaser and Salma

2010 was quite a lucky year for me, as that’s when I found my soulmate. I had registered on and became a SelectShaadi member in May, 2010 and soon found my special someone.I was provided with a relationship manager to help me find someone that matched the criteria I was looking for. After going through several profiles, I had almost given up but then one fine day the relationship manager contacted me saying he had found someone that he thought would put an end to my search of a perfect life partner. Finally, he showed me Yaser’s profile on At first glance I quite liked Yaser and reading more about him only got me further interested.

At that time Yaser who originally is from Hyderabad was working in UAE. Owing to his hectic work schedule, it wasn’t easy getting in touch with him. Finally, we spoke over the phone and our hearts have been connected ever since. We lived in different countries and that was the biggest challenge for us. But, we regularly spoke to each other and exchanged emails back and forth. After the first few weeks of getting to know each other better, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Yaser came down to India, the following month and we finally got our parents involved. Everything went well, as both the families spoke about the wedding preparations and we decided to tie the knot at the earliest. I had always dreamt of a perfect wedding as a little girl and finally it all fell into place. We had a grand wedding ceremony. Without and the relationship manager I wouldn’t have been able to find Yaser and probably would still be searching for that special someone! Thank you!

– Contributed by Salma

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