Their Love Story Is Like A Roller Coaster Ride Of Fun That You Would Not Want To Miss


One accept-request, one message, one email and’s wedding notification tone (yeah! that’s what we call it *wink* ) is ALL it took to notify us that we were to meant to be together FOREVER.

The way has a feature known as ‘surprise me’, destiny too, ‘surprised’ us! Honestly, neither of us remember how it all began. From all I remember is that I had accepted Darshak’s request in a jiffy only for him to drop me an email on the 28th of September 2017 (yeah, I’m truly girly enough to remember the date ;-p ) so that he receives a message such as: ‘you are in Ruchi’s email waiting list…hehe’ and bam! He was pleasantly surprised to find such an interesting auto-revert email πŸ˜‰ It only made things better! Darshak was intrigued to NOT wait and write to me on WhatsApp (God bless social media! ;-p) and on the 2nd of October 2017 we spoke for the first time, only to lose track of time, that too in our very first phone call…this says something! Well yes, it says how talkative we are! haha! Hours turned into days and days into weeks and we kept pushing phone call time limits πŸ™‚ Every time we would forcefully get disconnected as we would have spoken for about 90-95 mins (per call time limit/duration) but, that too wouldn’t stop us…hehe…we would call right back and keep repeating the telephone network companies to test us πŸ˜‰ This drill made us realize that we had to meet in person otherwise I would lose my arms. You see, holding the handset for too long is killing! ;-p Good for Darshak that I didn’t use headphones πŸ˜‰ But, he did and regardless of everything else, Darshak put his foot down and decided that we MUST meet ASAP! Well, how could I say no to that? πŸ˜‰

It was during my friend’s wedding celebrations that Darshak chose to come to Kolkata (he being from Ahmedabad) and made me juggle between celebrating my friend’s wedding and beginning to plan our own probable wedding celebrations *love-struck* ‘Teen din ladki in’ could well befit Darshak πŸ˜‰ He was here only for 3 days and for all that we remember, we met and hung-out as the best of friends, exploring the city. Yes! you can say that this little bit of a city travel helped us write our forever-story before we penned down the Kolkata travelogue *heartbeats*.

He knew. He was positive. He wanted to take it ahead. He said a ‘yes’ without me asking or proposing (as if I would have, huh! hehe). I made him wait. I wanted to be as sure as he was. He was happy to wait. His certainty, his surety, his positivity about us was enchanting. Also quite overwhelming! It made me question him more. As it was such a flurry of mixed emotions that I couldn’t feel my feet. But, every time I did question him, he answered with patience. His voice, his firm as a mountain determination, his guaranteed-dip tone, him…everything, yes! everything about him would cast a balming spell on my not-so-sure nerves.

Nothing but his patience made me visit him and his family. Also, every time I would want to happily sit and swing on the fence of uncertainty, he would smartly, with confidence and care, ease out and bridge the distance I would create in order to not commit. I was scared to commit. His words, “You don’t need to answer or decide anything right-away. Just come to my city, meet my family, spend some time with me, allow me to be a good host to you…that’s ALL I ask for, okay?”, made me fly from one corner of the country to another. The lyrics, “pascham na radha rani, purab no kaanudo” from the Gujarati song, ‘gori radha ne kado kaan’, kept playing in my sub-conscience while I flew from the East to the West of India.

No! We are not the one’s who fell in love. Maybe we’ve started creating it *blushes*

No! We don’t have a romantic proposal, but, we find the regular to be romantic.

We are not a story that weaves a plot of flowers and balloons and chocolates and proposals and dates. We are a story that makes us want to NOT write the last chapter titled as “The Proposal” or “The Wedding Day”, but, become a story that makes others and us too, as individuals, believe in BEGINNINGS. Nope! I cannot write a conclusion as we’ve just started our story πŸ™‚

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