This Couple found Love Over A Cup Of Coffee


I am very thankful to Shaadi which gave me a lovable partner in my life. It was the beginning of my love story here.
I sent message to her saying Hi!  She replied to me & we started chatting.

We exchanged our numbers and starting chatting on  WhatsApp.

She asked me about my  bio-data and Janm akshar. Though I am don’t believer, but her family strongly believed in it.

Luckily, our Janm akshar matched. After chatting for a while, one day we planned  to meet at CCD. That was our first meeting which I will never forget in my life. We fell for each other even more after that.

We chatted daily in the evenings and got even closer with a better understanding between us.
Then after, we both met thrice to make our bond more stronger. We then confessed that we had fallen in love &  decided to get married. Luckily, our family also accepted us & was happy with our choice.
Once again, a very thanks to Shaadi, which gave me the love of my life!

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