This Woman Was Looking For A Soulmate & She Luckily Found Him Online



I am Jyoti Sharma from Delhi, India. I belong to a very simple & middle class family & as every girl dreams about a soulmate, I did too. One a day my friend recommended me to make a profile on

After making a profile, I found many good profiles. One day I got a message through this saying please look at our son, Ankush Sharma’s profile & than revert us. When I saw his profile, I found him really handsome. I liked his profile & bio data, & thought I have found my soulmate!

Soon, we exchanged our numbers & personal details and started chatting. After a few months, When we thought we are ready to meet,we planed for a family meeting.

One funny thing, he was from Virginia,USA & back then I didn’t know where Virginia was. He & his parents visited our home to meet me & my family. Within two days, we got engaged & he went back to USA. After few months, we got married in Feb 2017 in India & in the US as well.

Now it’s been almost 5-6 months since our marriage & we both are very very very very happy! 😊 Everyone here seems to be really nice. Two of my husband’s cousins got married through the same medium, so our whole family is very thankful to

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