Tips to Follow if You Keep Getting Dumped

sad manIf you’ve always been rejected after your first date, you need not feel bad about it or stop meeting people. Instead, work on yourself and have a positive attitude. Here are some pointers that will help you impress your partner the next time you go on a date…

1. Be Positive

Don’t go on a date thinking that it’s surely not going to click. Instead, have a positive attitude and be prepared because you never know, what’s going to happen when the two of you sit to talk. If it doesn’t work out, may be there’s someone much better in store for you. Just forget and move on.

2. Stay Fit, Eat Healthy
Exercise is the best way to beat stress. Staying in good shape will make you feel better about yourself and keep your mind off unpleasant incidents. Remember, the more fit you are, the more confident you’ll feel about yourself. It is also important to eat healthy to have a positive attitude towards life.

3. Be Happy
Everyone wants a partner who’s fun, loving and entertaining. So, if you have a good sense of humor, nothing like it. This is one quality every guy/girl looks for in their partner, simply because they think when things go wrong you can find at least one thing to laugh at and bring a smile on your their face. So use your sense of humor to your benefit.

4. Choose the Right Topics
If you get too personal on your first date, nobody is ever going to like you! It’s best to talk only about family, friends, likes, dislikes and your career on your first date. Keep it simple and don’t ever do the mistake of asking your partner how many boys or girls he has dated.

5. Dress Well
Believe it or not, but this really matters. You need to know what to wear for a date and not go dressed in a party outfit. Wear something casual and women, please avoid showing too much skin or putting on too much make-up. You need to know how you can better present yourself to increase your chances of impressing your prospective partner. So, dress-well and think of how you will behave there to make your first date a success.

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