Tips to Help You Break the Ice

When it comes to starting a conversation with your prospective match, the first few interactions are always a little tough, aren’t they? So, here are some simple tips to help you overcome those initial jitters…

Go Easy
In the beginning keep your conversation simple and stick to easy topics like family, education, work, hobbies, idea of fun, etc. This will give both of you enough time to gradually open up and feel comfortable with each other.

Be Prepared
Before you call your prospective match to meet up, make sure you’re clear about what all you have to discuss. Have some questions ready that you can ask him/her to carry the conversation along. For instance, you could ask stuff like how do you normally spend your week end? Which is your favourite film? What kind of music do you enjoy, etc.

Listen and Respond
If you’re a shy person, leave your shyness aside and speak up in front of him/her. You can’t tell the person that you’re shy and do not like talking much. You’ve got to speak up and respond to what s/he says or asks. That’s the only way to know how compatible the two of you are and if it will work out between the two of you. Also, listen carefully when the other person is talking, so that s/he knows that the person’s thoughts and feelings matter to you.

Be Casual and Friendly
To make each other feel comfortable, keep the tone casual and friendly and ask some questions as they come up naturally in the conversation, and not like an interrogation. You may be professional when it comes to work, but remember you’re not talking to your colleague here, so please smile and be causal.

Never Judge Someone
Never judge a person on just meeting him/her once or twice. It’s too early for you to judge whether or not the person is right for you. Just give it some time and continue getting to know each other for a couples of months, either through chats or phone calls. And yes, of coruse, if you guys are comfortable meeting up, nothing like it!

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