Tips to Impress Your Partner’s Family This Diwali

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Before you start dreaming about getting married to your love and becoming a part of his family, it’s important to win over his family members. Don’t know how? Here are some tips that will help you leave a good impression on his family… 

1. Dress appropriately
Dress for the occasion. Find a happy deal between your style and respectable clothing.

2. Take Interest
Take interest in his parents, grandparents or even pets. This helps display your compassionate nature. The more you get to know his family and spend time with them, the more brownie points you’ll earn.

3. Take Initiative
You’re soon going to be a family member, so offer some help to your to-be mother-in-law. You could help her in the kitchen or serve the food on the table, etc. Even if she asks you to make yourself comfortable, don’t go and sit. Help her and she’ll actually like it.

4. Treat Their Son With Respect
When the guy’s parent’s are around, make sure you treat your partner with respect, even if you’re mad at him. His parents will be really happy and will make them feel that you are just right for him who will love and cherish their son.

5. Connect With His Mother
This is very important. Whenever you get a chance to meet your to-be mother-in-law, go and meet her. It may sound too much of botheration, but it’s important for both of you to get along well.

6. Avoid Talking Too Much About Yourself
Instead of bragging about yourself, try to get them to talk to you. Show interest in them and their lives. The more you get them to talk to you the more connected they will feel with you.

In general, you must try to be yourself but put your best foot forward when you’re with your spouse and his family.

– Dr Prakriti Poddar, Marriage Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

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