Ways to Win Over Your In-Laws

What is the next step after you like someone online? To get to know him/her better and then Impress the parent’s, right? Since it’s your first time, we give you some tips on how to appear confident and leave a lasting impression on your partner’s parents…

1. Be Patient
Don’t be in a hurry to meet his/her parents. First get to know each other well and then prepare yourself to meet the family members. Once you’re sure that this relationship is right for you, mutually decide to meet the parents. Your partner is the best person to guide you on how to behave and appear in front of his/her parents to impress them.

2. Dress Appropriately
It’s best to be yourself! But yes, if you are willing to do anything to have your partner in your life, you can dress up in something that your in-laws would want to see you in.  Of course, you could wear something you’re comfortable in but avoid showing too much skin.

3. Show them, Don’t Just Say
When you first meet your in-laws, they are first going to evaluate you and the best way to prove that you’re a good match is to show it. Remember, actions speak louder than words. So, do your best to demonstrate the qualities of a good match. Be affectionate without going overboard with the public displays of affection for your partner.

4. Be Punctual
You are meeting your prospective in-laws and you definitely want to create a good impression, right? So, don’t be late. It’s disrespectful to make others, especially elders, wait for you. Along with other things, you need to show his/her parents that you are a responsible person. If you’re running late, make sure you call up and apologize.

Finally, relax and be yourself, don’t try and pretend to be someone you are not and you will surely sail through it impressively.

– Vipasha Pillai

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  1. rajshekhar says

    right advise given by you. thankyou

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    Right suggestions.. thanx a lot

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