Tips to Prepare For Your First Date

So, you’re finally going to meet your prospective partner? It’s your first time and you have no clue what to wear, what to talk about, etc when you meet your prospective spouse. Here’s some help for you…

  • Make Yourself Comfortable
    We understand that even the thought of meeting your soulmate can leave you stressed but you need not worry so much. Just relax and make yourself comfortable when you meet him/her the first time. You don’t want your date to be a nightmare, do you?
  • Talk Well About Yourself
    Dating gives you an opportunity to know each other better, so it’s important that you know yourself well enough before you decide to meet your prospective partner. You definitely will have to describe yourself, so think about what will you say. Please don’t portray a wrong image of you or confuse him/her about your real identity. Just be yourself and avoid throwing too much attitude if you really like him/her.
  • Create a Good First Impression
    You must have heard people say, “first impression is the last impression”. This holds true especially, when you’re meeting your prospective spouse for the first time. So, wear something that compliments your personality and makes you feel at ease. Remember, the trick to a successful first date lies in how you portray yourself.
  • For Men
    This is the time to avoid extremes. Formal clothes and those cowboy boots or your diamond studded belt should all stay home in the closet. This is not a good time to experiment with your looks. Just stick to a simple denim and shirt/T-shirt look that makes you appear comfortable.
  • For Women
    When it comes to women, it’s tough to decide what to wear on this special occasion. But instead of wearing something really sexy, it’s better to opt for a dress or a casual denim and top that’s comfortable. If you choose to wear a dress, you can team it up with a cool jacket or boots, pumps, etc. It looks fabulous. And yes, if the guy is from a traditional family and you really want to impress him,  choose an Indian outfit.
  • Avoid Talking About Religion or Politics
    Well, you’re here to know if you two share the same values, so please leave such emotionally-charged topics for your future dates. Instead, discuss only about yourselves, family and career on your first date.
  • Token of Affection
    You are out there to meet this person because you like her/him and want to consider marriage. So why not show it? Carry a token of affection like flowers or chocolates to make your first date memorable. It also shows that you care and have planned well for the meet.

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