Top 5 Questions On #ChatwithRavinderSingh Twitter AMA Session



The highlight of Sunday was the Twitter AMA #ChatwithRavinderSingh session! The author answered questions of his fans on the official twitter handle of ShaadiDotCom

Here are the top 5 questions from this session:

1) Did you approach her first or she did? Who sent whom the request on ?

Ans: Let’s just say we both were looking for someone. And I pinged her first.

2) Hi Ravinder, how do you know he or she is the right one for you?

Ans: I didn’t know in the initial days. I had my own doubts and insecurities. But eventually as we spent more time sharing things with each other, I became sure.

3) If I too had a love story comes out as a movie, U will be Ravin for sure no doubt as aajkal toh gym shym bhi shuru he, any faces for khushi ? I imagined her through your words in the book she will be some1 most beautiful and innocent

Ans: My choice of the actress keeps changing. So we should ask this question the day I sign a movie.

4) Did you know in your first meeting that Khushi was the one ?

Ans: Not exactly and that’s what the book talks about.

5) How did you manage the long distance relationship with Khushi ?

Ans: Trust overcomes long distance. Truth is people in short distance relationships have similar issues these days.

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