5 Things People Want in Their Partners

The first date is an important meeting, which decides whether the person is a good match for you or not. To make your date a success, you need to know what do people actually notice when they see their partner first. This is the best way to impress them. We tell you characteristics people observe in their prospective partners

1. Looks
This includes everything, right from your hairstyle to your make-up and your outfit, so make sure you’re well dressed for your first date. If you come in a hurry with a messy hairstyle or miss-matched outfit, you’ll be rejected on the spot! No man/woman wants to marry someone who doesn’t know how to present themselves well. So, if you have to, go pamper yourself a day in advance at the salon and come well dressed and groomed for your date.

2. Personality
Knowing that your date has a good personality can make him/her more attractive to you. When it comes to personality, it’s not just what you wear and how you behave that matters but also how you talk, how you react to certain things and how you think that matters. If you have a positive personality, your guy could even be willing to ignore certain differences between the two of you and accept you the way you are.

3. Attitude
Most people prefer a partner with a friendly attitude. This will help both of you understand each other better. If you are arrogant and loud, please leave this attitude home or you’re sure to be rejected. The way you greet him/her is enough to understand how modest you are. So, be careful.

4. Sense of Humour
Apart from good looks and a positive personality, a good sense of humour is also something that people want in their life partner. If you’re on a date and sit there with a boring face without smiling or making an attempt to be witty or funny, your partner is obviously going to get bored. Your opposite sex should be able to make you laugh. This is important, especially if the guy has a good sense of humour.

5. Compatibility
This is something that really matters. Most people want to know how compatible you are with them on the very first date. You two need to have at least a bit in common and should feel comfortable with each other, only then can things click between you in future. So, make an attempt to find a connect.

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