Top 5 Things to Discuss With Your Life-Partner

coupleBefore you decide to get married to the person you’ve been interacting with for a while now, here are the top five things you need to discuss with your life-partner before you take the plunge…

1. Expectations From Marriage

The success of a marriage depends a lot upon this factor. If a person has high expectations from you, it’s better to think again before you get involved with him/her. If s/he has high expectations before marriage, things may worsen after marriage. You need to sit back and have a open chat.

2. Goals in Life

If your prospective spouse is very ambitious and career-oriented, marriage might be an additional duty for him/her. So, find out if s/he is really ready for marriage or is it the parents who’ve forced him/her to settle down. If the person is being forced into marriage, the ‘honeymoon period’ will not last for long. You rather marry someone who likes you, can’t wait to be with you and believes in the institution of marriage.

3. Future Planning

Most people ignore this but it’s important to discuss your future with the person you intend to marry. We don’t mean you discuss family planning on your first date, but make sure you discuss home, family and kids at a later stage before you decide to marry him/her.

4. Family and Friends

This is a great way of getting to know your partner better. If you take interest in asking your partner about his/her family members and friends, your partner will actually like it. S/he will know that you’re at least taking interest in knowing more about him/her. It is also important to know how important for him are his family and friends. This will also help you know if you can settle with his/her family and what kind of friends does your partner have.

5. Differences

It’s not necessary that the two of you have to have everything in common. Also, try and find out in what way are you both different. If you think the difference’s won’t create problems in the future, you will be happy to go ahead. But if you like him/her and want to marry the person, learn to accept the differences.

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