Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

Before you decide to marry a  person, it’s very important for you to know him in and out. It’s not just the looks and nature that matters. There’s lots more you need to take into consideration before you’re sure about marrying someone. Here are some topics you should talk about on your date…

1. Dreams and Ambition

We live by setting goals for ourselves, based on our ambitions, dreams and passions. Ask your man what he wants from life, where does he see himself ten years from now? If he plans to stick with the same firm for years, does he dream of getting a promotion and starting his own business someday? If his answers are convincing enough, it’s a good sign.

2. Family
It’s very important for you to have good knowledge about your partner’s family background and members. After all, you are going to be a part of his family after marriage. So, find out as much as you can from him and his friends about his family if possible.

3. His Take on Marriage
You need to know what your partner thinks of marriage and about a future together. This will give you an idea about how serious he is about marriage and if he is really ready to take on responsibilities. Moreover, it’s also important for the two of you to have a similar take on marriage or it can create disturbances in future.

4. His Take on Children
You could discuss this at a later stage, after you’ve known him a bit and you like him. Find out if he likes children and how does he plan to bring them up? This is important for you to know, especially if you’re a working woman or you’ll have a tough time bringing up your kids as well as managing your home in the future.

5. Financial Matters
This is a serious topic, so ask your partner sensible questions like how does he deal with money, does he have enough of savings, how should the financial duties be divided after marriage, how much exactly is he currently drawing, etc. Financial crisis is a major cause of fight after marriage. So, until you’re clear about his financial status, do not take a decision.

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