Traits Women Look For in a Man

You thought looks and money is all women look for in a man? Well, not in every case. Here are some characteristics most women look for in their life partner…

1. Honesty
This is right on top on every woman’s list. Women really value trust and understanding in a relationship. If she asks you how is she looking in a particular dress and if you don’t like it, just say, “It’s looking nice but I’d still like it if you wear a red outfit, you look great in it.” So, sound positive, instead of talking negative. Lastly, don’t fool around with her feelings under the pretext of not wanting to hurt her. Be honest with her and she’ll love you for this.

2. Ambition
Women somehow don’t like men who’re lazy and least bothered about growing in their profession. You need to have the motivation and passion to get going and achieve your goals to be a successful person.

3. Loyalty
Women want men who’re committed and not commitment phobic. So, unless you’re sure about getting married and being a one-woman man, do not think of being hitched. Every woman expects her man to be loyal. The least you could do is, give her all the attention when you’re with her, pay attention to what she’s saying and make her feel special.

4. Intelligence
This is an absolute must if you want to win her heart. It’s a fact that most women are attracted to smart men, who know how to hold an intelligent conversation. You should be the one in charge when it comes to taking important decisions after marriage. This will assure your woman that her needs and demands will be taken care of with better communication and understanding.

5. Protective nature
When a woman thinks of getting married, she obviously wants a man who can assure her that he values her more than anything in life. Gestures like putting a protective arm around her mean a lot to them. This will make her feel safe, secure, and loved. Do not hesitate if you have to take a stand for her. Do this and she’ll always respect you.

– Hetal Vora

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  1. babli lal says

    im very emotional nd i like pepole who respect girls

  2. babli lal says

    som times guys become very boring they dont understand wat realy a girl wants i want my guy to be very smart and handsome

  3. reputation defender says

    whatsup?! This is a well written blog. Keep em coming! I couldn’t sign up for rss though?

  4. Lost Soul says

    Women – A mystery unresolved !!

  5. Theresa says

    This atricle went ahead and made my day.

  6. The Man says

    I felt flattered reading this. Now there has to be one about women.

  7. priti says

    Every woman likes a man with sense of humour and loyal nature

  8. Sherry says


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