6 Universal Truths About Men


Most women have a really tough time understanding men. Given that men and women have many physiological differences that is hardly surprising.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be great if you could understand your man better? To help you do just that, here are some truths about men that apply to all adult men regardless of which part of the planet they live in.

6 Universal Truths About Men:

1. Saying ‘I Love You’ doesn’t come easy:

Men just don’t say these three little words as often as women do. If your man has told you that he loves you, don’t expect him to keep saying it again and again. As far as they are concerned, they told you once – why should they have to ‘remind’ you all the time?

2. They do look at other women:
Unless your man is blind, gay, or dead, he will look at other women! And if you’re fighting or if you’re upset with him, that is when he notices other women all the more.


3. They want to please their women:

Considering the way most men behave at all times, it may be difficult to believe that they want to do things that please their women. But that is true. In fact, a man simply cannot resist a happy woman. Seeing their woman happy makes men want to do practically anything to keep them that way.

4. Men are extremely tone sensitive:

What we mean by tone sensitive is that men react more to the tone of your words than your actual words. So essentially, WHAT you say is not as important as HOW you’re saying it. Even if you’re saying something that he won’t particularly like, if you’re saying it in a calm and peaceful manner he won’t react quite as badly as if you were to say the same thing by shouting or in a patronising tone.

5. They need you to acknowledge their compliments:

Although they don’t always show it, men are very sensitive. When they give you a compliment, they don’t want you to ignore it or downplay it. Yes, you may be doing so in all humility, but your man will feel that his appreciation is unappreciated and that’s just the reason he’s looking for to stop complimenting you ever!

6. Men are forgetful:

It is practically impossible for men to remember the finer details of your relationship such as the day you first met, the first time you made out, what colour dress you were wearing on your first date and stuff like that. But just because he does not remember these things does not automatically mean that he does not love you. He does, but that is how most of the men are!


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