Want To Attend A Wedding, But Can’t?

797929089Everyone is attending some or the other wedding around you and you are not? It’s a terrible feeling when people refuse to meet you or go out with you because they’re invariably attending weddings! What you may be feeling is a perfect combination of “I don’t care,” “I am so bored”; and perhaps also “I too want to attend a wedding!”! An invitation is not necessary to be a part of this season. We have some tips for you to be a part of this wedding season.

1. Wedding Playlist
Catch up with all the cool wedding dance songs. Punjabi Wessing, London Thumakda, Navrai are some we can suggest from our end. We hope these songs make your feet move!

2. Buy Ethnic Wear
Go out shopping and buy some Ethnic wear to go with a wedding theme. A beautiful ethnic wear can help you brighten your mood as per wedding season!

3. Apply Some Henna
The smell of Henna brings out the wedding flavour in the season. Let Henna help you to go hand in hand with the season!

4. Don’t Avoid
Don’t hide the wedding photos from your timeline or complain about others attending weddings! You will feel better if you instead accept the season for what it is.

Know more such tips to go through this wedding season? Share with us in the comments below!

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