So What if He’s Younger Than Me? Here’s What to Expect!



Did you know that the newly elected president of France and our newest crush in town Emmanuel Marcon is 25 years younger than his lovely wife, Brigitte Marcon. Mrs. Marcon was 40 when she first met 15 years old Emmanuel at school where she was a teacher. After 10 years of marriage their relationship is an inspiration to everyone around the world.

Being the older one in the relationship certainly comes with its own perks and pitfalls. Here are a few things that you can expect:

1. The onus of maturity is on you
Younger men tend to be a little more carefree because the burden of responsibilities does not lie so heavy on their shoulders yet so it’s sometimes becomes your duty to take the rein. From things like planning a nice romantic date to a foreign getaway you must head the planning commission and provide direction.

2. Life get so much more fun
Younger men are all about exploring, adventuring and experiencing everything fun life has to offer. Their enthusiasm is so contagious that even you feel buoyed and happy and ready to explore the world! You derive pleasure from doing the silliest things together, dancing in the rain to playing video games till wee hours of the morning.

3. Lesser drama to deal with
Coming back late at night from work or a girl’s night out is not something younger men take an issue with. To them life is more hassle free and independent. They don’t mind unequal power dynamics either.

4. He has so much energy!
You might want to just stay at home on weekends in your pyjama’s and Netflix but he will have none of it. He’ll insist on going out for a long bike ride or a dinner date or just add a little spice in life at home. ?

5. You inspire him
One big reason he is so much into you is because he is impressed by you. He adores your position, your ability to take control, your independence. Instead of being intimidated it turns him on like nobody’s business!

6. His ego is non-existent
Your progress in life be it personal or professional is something that he is proud of. He listens to your advices and isn’t afraid of asking for help.

7. He is always eager to impress you
Be it in the bedroom or outside it, he always puts his best foot forward and tries to make you fall in love with him even more.
Dating a younger person is full of surprises and can be more fun that you can ever imagine. We hope out little list makes you go ‘yes! That’s exactly what it’s like’ or ‘Hmm, maybe I should give it a try’.

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