What Makes Your Matrimonial Profile Perfect? – Tips by Famous Author Ravinder Singh

By: Ravinder Singh


Is my profile perfect? Well, perhaps the answer lies in what all do you expect to read in the profile of the partner you are looking for. Chances are s/he too would want to know similar things about you through your profile. Your profile is of immense importance; think of it as your resume to get into the school of marriage. How much do you care about your work resume before applying for a job, which in the back of mind, you knew you would quit one day? Now think of how much should you care about your profile given that you are looking for something really long lasting.


Here are things that one must pay attention to.


Be true to yourself: First and foremost, be honest to yourself. You know what you are writing. Ask yourself, if it’s the real you or an amplified version of you. If it is the latter, correct yourself. Marriage is a long-term thing, don’t write a profile that’s meant to fetch a one night stand. People, who are looking for love online, will ultimately see through it, if not online, then after meeting you.


Tell about yourself more than things associated with you: I am project manager working with an IT company is a good enough statement. You don’t have to mention how many onsite trips you have had or the team size you lead. The person looking for you is keen to know who you are and what’s your personality like and what are your interests. Include in your profile what you do beyond work. My evenings are spent in the gym and I read myself to sleep. These days I am learning Salsa. Mention things you care for. Give them a little walk into what you call your daily life.


Mention what you like, avoid your dislikes: I hate people who are hypocrite. I don’t like pets. The problem with such dislikes is that either they are universal in nature and therefore don’t add much value to your profile, or would be a turn off for your prospective partner in case s/he likes the very entities you dislike. It makes sense not make him/her dislike you for your dislikes and hold on to this conversation at a later stage.


You are human and therefore not perfect: This one is a personal choice. If I were to make a profile, I wouldn’t only mention about all that appears good about me. If a profile appears too good to be true, chances are it is too good to be true. While I would definitely mention my strengths and things that I believe are positive about me, I would also like to mention about things/areas I want to improve in. There’s always a scope of improvement. After all, we are human. However, I would choose better words to say that. For ex: I am trying my best to get better in my time management skills. This year my resolution is to be fitter than before.


Author Bio:

Ravinder Singh is the bestselling author of I Too Had a Love Story, which narrates a true story of the immortal bond of love between two people who found each other on Shaadi.com. The book sold over a million copies and is now celebrating 10 years with a new illustrated edition.

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