What Your Dressing Style Says About You?


‘What a strange power there is in clothing,’ is a famous saying by singer, Isaac Bashevis. This holds very true, especially when you’re meeting your prospective spouse for the first time. We’re all aware of the fact that first impression is the last impression, so dress your best on this special day to impress your partner. Also, remember that when your partner first looks at you, s/he won’t just look at you in the eye but also notice what you’re wearing and how well you can carry yourself. So, it’s equally important to appear confident in what you wear. After all, your clothes represent your persona. Here’s what your dressing style represents…

Casual Outfit
This is a good option when you plan to meet your prospective partner. When we say casual, we mean a denim and a shirt/T-shirt look for men, where as a denim and T-shirt/dress/ knee-length skirt with a nice top for women. This is just perfect for a date. Casuals best suit people when they want to be friends and look forward to the other person’s company.

They look great, no doubt! But, this is not the right time to flaunt your tie and blazer or that brand new formal shirt you recently bought. Please save that for your office meetings. Formal dressing suits matured men and women better, unless you’re wearing it to work. You can be a little formal when you are meeting the partner’s parents but let your true personality come out when you are meeting your prospective partner. So, be yourself!

Formal Shirt Not Tucked
This clearly shows that you’re a careless person. So, please do not choose to dress up this way for your date or be sure to be rejected.

Wrinkled Clothes
Are you financially unstable or too stressed? If not, why would you wear a shirt that is not ironed to a date when the impression you make matters the most? Wearing un-ironed clothes look awful. So, make sure you are never in such a situation.

Traditional Wear
Men and women, who mostly prefer traditional dressing are considered gentle and well-mannered with good values. So, there’s no harm in going dressed in a traditional attire. This kind of dressing suits almost everybody and goes with every occasion, provided you know how to carry it off.

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