When Love Clicks, Everything Feels Alright!


My father was handling my account and his mother was handling his. His mother sent a request on my account and my dad and his mom spoke over phone. They found a lot of mutual contacts since we belong to the same city back in India. Hearing all good things from our parents, we spoke on phone as well. The first time we spoke on 19th of September 2017, it was a long one hour conversation. Just as we hung up, he messaged me saying he was interested and wanted to meet me & if I was free that weekend.

Four days later on Saturday 23rd of September, he drove from Sayreville, New Jersey to Boston, Massachusetts where I was living. We went to the Boston Harbor and talked straight for 5-6 hours. We knew this was it. When it clicks, it clicks right? Both of us went home pretty convinced that we wanted to take this further. We kept meeting for the next 3 months and on December 23rd 2017, we both flew to India where we did a small Gol Dhana ceremony with family.

We are getting married next year! Everything just worked out great for us. It was an arranged marriage setting but it doesn’t feel like it. We both have never been so much in love. Thanks Shaadi.com.

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