Women are Attracted to Older Men, Claims Study

Women, apparently, love men who look a little older and don’t mind marrying them. In fact, a man can still bask in admiration based on his looks till he’s 55, according to a survey. Not that the likes of George Clooney and Brad Pitt will be surprised. For the ordinary man, however, it’s an improvement on female attitudes in the past.

Thirty years ago, for example, few women would have found any man over 45-years-old worth a second glance, rendering them effectively invisible. But things have changed now. A British department store interviewed 1,000 women from 18-65 on their views on the opposite sex. And, it resulted in older men, thanks to better grooming, dressing and physical fitness.

“Younger women are now finding older men more attractive,” said the department store spokesman, Ruth Attridge. He further adds, “Older men no longer dress, look or act like a grandfather. They often look at least ten years younger than they really are, making them instantly appealing to women of a much younger age.”

Courtesy – dailymail.co.uk

What's the biggest age gap that you think is acceptable?


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