7 Most Important Qualities Women Desire in Their Life Partner

Some people say a woman’s mind is a mystery, which cannot be understood. This is quite true and so, we help you men understand their needs by listing down some important qualities women look for in their life partner…

This is right on top in the list and this means being honest about everything. If your partner asks you ‘Do you like my hair?’ you could say, “I love it, but I liked it more when it was longer.” If you’re honest in a relationship, your woman will always trust and respect you. But, if she gets to know that you ever lied to her, it’ll be very difficult for you to build that trust again.

Every woman wants a partner who’s more responsible and also confident about taking on responsibilities after marriage. They want someone who’s caring, loving and one who promises to be there for them in times of trouble. This doesn’t mean women are weak, they maybe sensitive.

If you’re a lazy lump with no goals in life, forget it! You’re going to stay single all your life. Women don’t like men who do not take life seriously. They prefer men who have certain goals in life and are career-oriented. So, is it time to change your attitude towards life?

This is very important in a relationship. If you do not trust your man/woman, your life can be hell. A woman always expects her partner to trust her and support her in all her decisions. You need to stand by her when she’s going through tough times. Ditto for him.

You’ve got to be reliable if you want your partner to be with you lifelong. If she plans an evening meal together and you turn up at 10 PM after promising her you’ll be home by 8pm, you’re obviously not reliable. We agree, work is important but your wife is equally important. So, you need to learn to balance your work and personal life.

To a man this may feel like he is being forced into commitment, but commitment in a marriage is very important if you want it to last for a lifetime. Commitment requires you to explore, develop and nurture a relationship. Also, it has to be a mutual agreement or it doesn’t work.

Loving and Caring
Every women wants to have a loving and caring partner. In simple words, this means even if your woman makes a mistake, you aren’t allowed to shout at her, especially in front of others. Instead, explain to her in a loving manner. Women expect their partners to make them smile again if they are unwell or feeling low. So, take care.


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