On Women’s Day Let’s #BeBoldForChange


We have always felt it is our collective responsibility to raise awareness on women’s issues. We regularly take initiatives to bring gender issues into the mainstream. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017, we will help you understand how you can do your bit beyond online activism.

Check out examples of bold actions that will help you bring change in this world:

  • 1) Challenge stereotypes
  • 2) Call it out when women are excluded
  • 3) Monitor the gender pay gap
  • 4) Point out bias and highlight alternatives
  • 5) Call for diverse candidate shortlists
  • 6) Embrace inclusive leadership
  • 7) Redefine the status quo
  • 8) Challenge those who justify perpetrators and blame victims
  • 9) Donate to groups fighting abuse
  • 10) Speak out against the silence of violence
  • 11) Choose to work for a progressive employer for women
  • 12) Build conducive, flexible work environments
  • 13) Measure and report on gender parity gaps and keep gender on the agenda
  • 14 Celebrate women’s journeys and the barriers overcome
  • 15) Drive fairer recognition and credit for women’s contributions
  • 16) Value diversity for greater educational outcomes
  • 17) Support women inventors of new products and services

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  1. Rajesh Kovalkar says

    WOMEN have a Power  that Give Strength to the Man..
    She Can Handle Life’s trouble With Smile and Can Convert it, into a Hapiness,
    Salute to Every Women,,


  2. Shivani Rathour says


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