11 Most Hard Hitting Banners We Saw at The Women’s March!

Women’s March has united people around the world. It is a powerful demonstration that women and men will not be silenced or accept any action that hinders women’s rights. Within 3 days, 674 marches have been conducted around the world with an estimated turnout over 2 million. The movement has become a global phenomenon with people coming out in support irrespective of their age, sex, race, sexual orientation or religion. It is probably the first time in human history a peaceful march in Kolkata, Paris, London, Toronto, New York and 200 other cities has exactly the same vision. The banners we witnessed at the Women’s March had it all – anger, humour, anxiety, fear, hope. Let’s have a look at the finest ones:

1) Mahatma Gandhi’s quote rightly sums it up




3) Rings a bell?



5) Geez!

6) Most British sign ever?


8) We are totally with you, Potterheads!


Photo by Tiffany Maxon in New York City



11) Beware!

Naomi Burton, 27, of Detroit, says it's

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