You Can Now Add Photos From Facebook

We made adding photos to your Shaadi profile simpler than ever before. With the option to add photos from Facebook – it’s quicker and easier to upload photos to your profile.

* Go to Add / Manage Photo section in your account and simply click on Add Photos from Facebook.

* All your Facebook albums are accessible. You may choose multiple photos across albums & they would be directly imported to your profile.

* We have also increased the maximum number of photos per profile from 3 to 20 to help you portray different moods and styles.

* We support all popular photo formats and each photo can be up to 15 MB in size (even a scanned image can be uploaded easily).

* Your photos continue to be secure as we watermark all of them and make it difficult for anyone to copy or download them from our website.

* Premium Members have private browsing control. So, you can share your photos only with Members you prefer.

* Add more profile photos now and get better response from people.

Shaadi Facts: More than 80% of success stories are of profiles with Photos.


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