You Would Be Surprised To Know How Things Worked Out For This Couple


One fine day, I was looking for matches on and I did not realize that my life would be so much different from then. Now it seems like registering on this website was one of the best decisions of my life!

I found her one day and we started chatting casually. We exchanged numbers, spoke on call and kept chatting for a while. After a while, both of us realized that we were falling for each other. How we waited for each other to talk, imagining those conversations later in the day and smiling with that stupid smile. It might seem like a usual story but it’s everything for us because this is our story! The one where we fell in love.

After a while, we involved our parents and things went on with the flow. They gave us a heads up and were very happy for us.

When we started talking, we never expected it would turn out so well for us! We are not together because we expect a fairy tale life. We understand that there will be ups and downs, there will be difference of opinion but at he end we know that we want to be with each other and overcome those small hurdles because we know nobody is perfect!

We wish luck to everyone registered here to find their soul mates.

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